Michigan Wine and Beer Portal

Michigan Wine & Beer Portal - Reimagining The Cornerstone Of Michigan

The Michigan Wine and Beer Portal, is located in the Cornerstone of Michigan along the picturesque River Raisin! The Portal will leverage Monroe’s natural resources, historic buildings, history and walkability to create a multifaceted experience, nucleus of activity, and international destination for people of all ages.

Southeast Michigan is the origin of Michigan’s wine and trade industry. At the Portal visitors will taste, explore and experience Michigan’s wine and beer destinations, while stepping back in time to the origins of Michigan. Guests can enjoy rotating Michigan wines and craft beers or put Michigan’s wines and beers to the ultimate test through battles that pit Michigan’s best against leading national and international brands. Customized cuisines will perfectly pair with your favorite flight or glass and include an assortment of delicious vegan, gluten free and other specialty dietary options.

Outdoor Seating Along The River Raisin

Outdoor seating will immerse guests in a wine and culinary garden directly along the banks of the River Raisin. While enjoying a glass of wine, you can explore some of Michigan’s most famous grape varietals. As you experience new microbrews, you can sit by hops plants that have been transformed into your beverage of choice and perfectly paired with ice cream. As you savor your drink you can stroll through the raised gardens featuring some of the herbs and spices that you can smell in your wine or try a custom game of Portal Hole or Portal Toss with friends or family. If the time is right, simply kickback and enjoy time relaxing in the river patio seating, as you fellowship with friends and enjoy a glass of fine wine or flight of beer or pop.

Interior Seating

Indoor seating in the restored river level of the building will take visitors on a Journey to Michigan’s wine regions while stepping back in time with a focus on Monroe’s own wine, prohibition exploits, and trading history. The Portal will host regular live music (indoors and out) themed events from Ice Wine & Craft Beer Festivals to Ice Cream Festivals and more. For visitors looking for the perfect place to hold your special event or private gathering, the Portal will provide you a customized experience and make your event dreams come true!